Ashgabat - Mary - Ashgabat


Ashgabat - Mary - Ashgabat






Route: Baku - Turkmenbashi - Yangykala - Bolshoy Balhan - Balkanabat - Ashgabat - Darvaza - Damla - Kune-Urgench - Dashoguz - Shavat (Uzbekistan)


(Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan)


Ashgabat - Mary - Turkmenabat - Kugitang - Turkmenabat - Ashgabat


(Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan)




(Turkmenistan - Iran)


1. About carpets and jewelry:
Turkmenistan is famous for its carpets and jewelry. You can find it in the markets and shops. But we recommend you to buy carpets in the shops only where you'll be given all documents and certificates describing the size, quality and that it is modern. Anyway expect that you will be charged taxes at the airport. Please note if you buy any old or antique carpet you won't be given any export license to take it out of the country. So we don't recommend you to buy old carpets. Jewelry is sold at markets and private houses in villages. But antique ones are given no documents and are not allowed to take out, so if you want to buy any it is better to have modern jewelry.
2. About professional TV camera and taking photos:
There are several rules in Turkmenistan: you are not allowed to bring professional TV cameras. You can bring your personal camera or video camera. Please note it is not allowed to take pictures at the airports, sea-port, borders, President's Palace, ministries and state authorities. Your guide will give you instructions where it is not possible.
3. Filling the declaration forms:
It is necessary to fill in the declaration form when you enter or leave Turkmenistan. When you arrive in Turkmenistan from any Central Asian country it is in your interest to declare different kinds of carpets, jewelry, any kind of dagger, souvenirs of the historical value. In this case you fill in two copies of declaration form: one goes for customhouse another one is given to you. You will show it upon departure Turkmenistan. Besides that you declare any kind of electronics: like camera, video camera, mobile phone, computer, satellite phone. So, to avoid misunderstanding at the customhouse on leaving Turkmenistan it is better to declare all the articles mentioned above. The importation of foreign currency in cash to Turkmenistan is allowed $10,000 and declared to customs. The tourists may import and export foreign currency in an amount not exceeding $10,000 or an equivalent currency amount, as well as foreign currency that was imported before in cash and declared to Turkmenistan customs by providing the import declaration.
4. How to get to Turkmenistan by plane:
You can get to Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, by several air companies such as: "Lufthansa" (www. lufthansa. com.); "Turkish Airlines" from Istanbul (www.thy.com.); "Fly Dubai" from Dubai (www.flydubai.com) "Siberian Airlines" from Moscow (www.s7.ru); "Belavia" from Minsk "CSN" from Urumchi (http://www.csair.com/en/index.asp); Also "Turkmenhowayollary" carries out flights to different countries. You may contact the office manager or e-mail him and he'll advise the most comfortable route for you.
5. Airline tickets reservation:
We recommend you to reserve the airline ticket, but not buy it before confirmation of the letter of invitation by our company. The letter of invitation is the guarantee to get Turkmenistan entrance visa, to buy airline tickets, and the main thing is that to board the plane. So, it's better to buy the airline ticket after visa support letter Turkmenistan is approved by Migration Service. Please note: If you have domestic flights (around Turkmenistan) in your program then the company has to purchase the airline tickets before the exact date you'd like to fly. Please ask for cancelation policy the office manager.
6. National holidays:
Under our professional experience the Migration Department of Turkmenistan has the right to not giving the entrance visa for the foreign tourists during celebration such national holidays as the Independence Day in September and the Day of Neutrality in December. You may be given the later dates of entering our country. Please note that decision of giving the letter of invitation is not taken by our company but the Migration Department.
7. About smoking:
According to the decree and in order to have healthy nation smoking is not allowed at the airports, sea-port, borders, ministries and state authorities. You may smoke at restaurants, cafes and bars only where there is ashtray. Also there are some hotels where there are smoking and non-smoking rooms. We can reserve any at your wish.
8. About credit cards:
At the present moment we use cash in shops, markets, airports (for overweight). It is possible to pay by Visa Card, Master Card and American Express at hotels for extra services (laundry, internet, telephone calls, room service). You can change US dollars and Euros into local currency (manat) in banks and any exchange point. To cash the credit cards is possible using the ATMs.
9. Guide accompaniment:
According to the requirement of the State Committee for tourism of Turkmenistan all tourists must be accompanied by a guide from company that invites you from arrival till departure.
10. Letter of invitation:
The visa support process takes about 20-30 working days at our migration service (usual) or about 5-7 working days в urgent visa support letter. Entry visa to Turkmenistan may be issued according to approved visa support letter at any Turkmenistan Embassy abroad or at Ashgabat airport or at Land border as well upon arrival. Donвt hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about visa support letters or about entry visa to Turkmenistan.

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